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Hello, I'm Harry and this is my personal blog. As a technology enthusiast, I would like to share my experience with web development and especially Yii Framework. Please drop by and say hello or leave a comment.

Get Free EU/UK Bank account, MasterCard and €15 with Monese

Open an EU Bank account, get free MasterCard and €15 Bonus


Ubuntu - Enable auto update

How to enable auto update on Ubuntu 18.04


Vultr: Auto backup your servers with free Snapshots

How to auto backup your Vultr's servers by using snapshots for free


Deploy MongoDB replica set on Docker swarm

This tutorial shows how to setup a 3-member replica set for production system using Docker swarm


Top bootstrap 4 frontend and backend templates

Best admin control and dashboard panel templates, built on top of Bootstrap technology


Free MongoDB server with $25 gift card

Just a few clicks to deploy a free MongoDB in the cloud, get $25 gift card when switch to paid plan


Upgrading to MongoDB 3.6 on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

How to upgrade MongoDB from 3.4 to 3.6 on Ubuntu Server


How to enable Google Authenticator for phpMyAdmin

Enable two-factor authentication with Google Authenticator for your phpMyAdmin


Adding a new disk to a LVM Linux server

How to add a new disk to the Logical Volume Management


OVH - Install custom ISO on public cloud server

Easy way to install your own image on an OVH public cloud server


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